Membership Period

Membership dues are paid to Timber Talkers and Toastmasters International every 6 months.  The 6 month period begins in April and October.

New Member Fee

If you are new to Toastmasters, there is a $20 one-time new member fee. Paid only by new members, this fee covers the cost of the first education path, online copy of The Navigator, and processing.

How much are Dues?

If you are a new member, dues are pro-rated by the month you join. Toastmasters International is $10.00 per month. Timber Talkers club fee is $2.00 per month (currently waived).  Therefore, each month comes to $10.00.

Month by month breakdown (includes new member fee $20) is:

  • If you join in April or October: total dues are $80.00
  • If you join in May or November: total dues are $70.00
  • If you join in June or December: total dues are $60.00
  • If you join in July or January: total dues are $50.00
  • If you join in August or February: total dues are $40.00
  • If you join in September or March: total dues are $30.00

Current members (who are renewing) pay $60 every six months.

Payments are made to the club treasurer, or directly to Toastmasters International (officers only).

Comparing cost to your local university or college course, Toastmasters provides the ideal learning situation.

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