Being the Toastmaster

Here is a sample email you should send out a few days prior to the meeting which you are Toastmaster:

Fellow Timber Talkers!

I am your Toastmaster this week.  The theme for this week is “*** Your theme ***”.

For the following roles, please confirm that you will be filling them by EOD Friday.

Name  Humor Master
Name  Squawker
Name  W.O.D. & Grammarian
Name  Speaker 1
Name  Speaker 2
Name  Table Topic Master
Name  General Evaluator
Name  Evaluator 1
Name  Evaluator 2
Name  Table Topic Evaluator
Name  Timer

If you have a role and cannot make the meeting, please email the Yahoo! list to find a replacement.

Speakers, please send me your speech titles, manual, project #, and a short introduction that tells the audience *why* you are giving your speech.  

See you Tuesday at noon!

Sincerely, your TM for this week,
*** Your name ***

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