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The Name of the Game is Improvising

Today we improvised using our emergency meeting tools: the Timer cards and gavel. Tom, distinguished Toast Master, identified our theme: Corn. And plenty of corn we had with Dave’s Humor Master role (hardy har har!).  Scott spoke on his favorite band’s lyrics (Def Leppard), using projection and a high tech setup, which was evaluated by Rick.  We also had a long session of Table Topics by Kristin based on Corn. Hilary won an ear of corn for her response to a Tough Muther Race in creamed corn.

A photo by rode diaz.

How would you answer if surprised by these prompts…?

  1. You ate so much corn last time you couldn’t see straight but you had the most fun ever, tell us about that time.
  2. When you woke up you were wearing a large corn costume. What did you do to deserve that?
  3. Tell us how YOU make popcorn, if not you then your favorite cook.
  4. What was the last corny joke you heard and do you remember any of it?


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